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  1. Thank you for that link jefito. I have thrown my two cents into that thread as well.
  2. I also think a $10 to $15 USD per year tier may appeal to me to keep all of my rarely powered on devices "logged in" and email function back as Sophie requested above.Since learning I only need to logout on some devices rather than uninstall the app I'm not as bothered by this change. Maybe it's selfish of me to find the free OneNote model is more appealing... I won't repost the link someone on this site did to Microsoft's Evernote to OneNote conversion page with a product feature matrix because I'm not looking to stir emotions, but they win if you take their spin on it. That said, I have never cared much to support Microsoft in any way and would rather keep Evernote going. I just don't have the energy for the battles I used to partake in (ie OS/2 vs Windows or .45 vs 9mm/.40/.38, etc) and I certainly don't want to get involved in EN vs ON. I'd be more into contributing if true wiki-like hyperlinking was added just to say thank you. I can't understand why this isn't already a feature.
  3. I was Premium due to Samsung purchases, but free more than suited me for years before and ever since I let it expire. I'm a low bandwidth multi device user. I have laptops, tablets, and/or old phones scattered around my house, work, and car. They all had Evernote in the past. Due to this announcement I have spent a bit of time angrily selecting long-dormant devices and removing Evernote (my brain replacement). I had no idea how many devices I had, but I know how convenient it's always been to pick one up and reference one of my ~250 Evernote entrees. I knew I had to kill off one more device before tomorrow so I came here to find out how to revoke a device when not prompted. I came across this bittersweet thread and learned I only had to log out and not uninstall the app! I sure wish that was made clear in the announcement. There would be a lot less lashing out here and everywhere Evernote is discussed. I've absolutely shredded one of my favorite apps ever (second to the sadly defunct WikiMind) for weeks now to anyone who would listen. This was unnecessary and easily avoidable. Before someone who is more of a fanboy than I was tears me a new one because I may have missed a couple of words somewhere, let me say I'm sorry. When many of us see a privilege being removed we quickly turn on the red filter and let the hate fly. Am I happy with this change? No. IMO, would be wiser offering a more affordable subscription for those of us who create a few words of traffic every once in a while? Yes. I know a lot of people who refuse to pay for any app or service on their phone. I will pay what I feel is a reasonable amount. Evernote for free is a great tool would I pay a few bucks for the app or a few bucks more for an annual subscription? Depends on my mood I suppose. Regardless, I'm taking some deep breaths and looking forward to installing Evernote on a handful of more oft used devices in my path. Definitely time to come up with a less cryptic password though. Now THAT bothers me ... <sigh>
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