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  1. I am experiencing the same issue, it seem if there is more than 1 image (regardless of size) it starts to effect the scrolling. If I view on iOS or Web, there is no issue, it is isolated to Mac app. If there is a fix that anyone knows of, I am willing to try anything, short of a OS reinstall.
  2. I think styles with shortcuts similar to Google Docs and even Apple Notes, would make my workflow so much smoother, to be able to press Command+Option+2 to get a "Heading 2" style. Taking this one step further would be the ability to set what these predefined styles are, so if I wanted my Heading 2 to have an underline, I can set that up.
  3. If Evernote borrowed some of the UX of Quip for introducing Markdown. It would be game over, I would stop search for and testing other apps because then, Evernote would have taken that crown.
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