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  1. What should my responses be on the Evernote Support to "What can we help you with?", etc. to submit a ticket to the right place?
  2. UPDATE: I upgraded to Evernote Premium to access the Version History and my note content was in there. I'm very thankful to have my content back, but now I have a subscription to Evernote Premium that I would like to have refunded. Anyone know how I can follow up on that?
  3. I usually use an Evernote Basic account from my iPhone, but recently accessed the account from the web (Windows, Chrome). I was having issues loading a particular note (only the first bit of content was present), and on refresh I continued to have the issue. I accessed the note on my phone to see the same issue, and eventually realized that the large majority of my content in this note was completely deleted. In searching the Evernote support pages, the closest help I came across was https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314448, which requested I "Select 'Report data loss' in the 'Wha
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