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  1. FYI- 10.6.9 became available in the App Store today and appears to have fixed the bug. Go Evernote!
  2. Quick question: Which do you like that still let you host locally. Of all that I've looked at, Evernote is still superior, but for these sensitive notes, which do you use. Hate to say it, I'm keeping stuff in Pages on my Mac. Sad, but very flexible when assigning text as topics and creating a sidebar for my index.
  3. I'm on 10.5.7 which didn't fix it. I did open a ticket, but they needed logs which I'm unable to submit. So, I'm just sort of in a hurry up and wait mode which isn't a big deal: The web version is just as good and this is only for info that I'm able to host. Again, I'm not really bashing Evernote: They are in a tough spot in a tough business. It's still superior in a tons of ways.
  4. Agree all around. When I said they rightfully took a break over the holidays, this is exactly what I meant: They have really done a lot of work over a short time. And I really do like the new client but I'm not a forever legacy user: Just sort of basic note taking and info storage. And yes, very much agree about changing things on people with no notification: This is the new Silicon Valley way :^)
  5. Evernote has not updated the App. They sort of dumped the broken App and then ran away for the holidays and haven't looked back. Can't really blame them (except for the broken App). Unfortunately, I've been forced to separate from Evernote which is a real bummer. I have a lot of data that is not allowed to be hosted on 3rd party servers. When Evernote switch to version 10 (which I actually like BTW), they very quietly removed any local option and even more dirty, they moved local stuff to their servers with no notification. I know most do this, but it was a great differentiator of Evernote and
  6. Ugh... This is a real bummer. I've been a premium subscriber even though I really don't need to be just to support EN. But my company absolutely will not let me use Evernote if data is not local. I'm so so sad BC this means EN is no longer a viable option. Hope they realize that this is important to users, but I'm guessing this is permanent.
  7. Quick Update: Looks as though some notebooks are missing data inside the web version as well. Hope this data isn't gone forever: Is there an Evernote wide problem ATM? Thx!
  8. Hello- Evernote was working fine, just updated to 10.5.6 and now when I try to view a notebook, I get "Sorry, we’re having some trouble.". Tried restarting, etc... still getting this no matter what. Evernote now unusable. Web data is still available and viewable. Fix available? M1 MBP, 11.1 Thx!
  9. Hello All- Thanks for the info and recommendations. Guess my question was more along the lines of: Is this the local option coming back and I'm reading a resounding: No 😀. I don't really mind the version 10 update since I'm not a power user (just basic note taking and organization). But EN should have notified users that what was local is now automatically in the cloud. I plan in still using EN but some things will be moved off Evernote. I also agree with the comment that most all of these solutions are not local. Thanks!
  10. Whoops, sorry, found this: https://evernote.com/privacy But still curious about the lack of Local Notebooks. I'm not entirely sure what this means for privacy. I took comfort knowing some notebooks were not online. Thx!
  11. Hello- Thank you for your help with this. I'm not an Evernote power user but am committed to trying to use Evernote 10. One thing I've noticed is that when I create a new Notebook, I'm no longer given the local option. Question is: What does this mean for privacy and search ability of my personal information? Is Evernote information now public, searchable, and should be considered insecure and public? How is Evernote now using all notebook Data since there are no longer any local Notebooks? Where can I find information from Evernote on how people's notes are indexed, accessed, etc?
  12. Nice! I thought this might be the case and meant to ask if a redevelopment was underway. Thank you for supporting the Mac! I'm old enough to have lived through the days where no one wrote great software for the Mac. Thus, I appreciate when companies do. Will subscribe now just to show support. Thanks!
  13. Hello- Hope you're well. I'm thinking of purchasing an Evernote subscription. Don't really need the features, but want to pay for what I use. The question is: Is Evernote still updating/supporting the native Mac client? Looks like the last update was about 9mo ago. I'm not complaining about the app, it works fine for me. It's more a matter of worried that I'd pay for something that is not a high priority for Evernote. Any thoughts? Many Thanks and have a nice day.
  14. Hey Shane- YES! Thank you for keeping me honest and reminding me and sorry for the delay. End of summer craziness with kids :D. Yes! I have to give credit where credit is due. Evernote took care of this very quickly and was kind enough to refund me. Have to say that not many cloud based providers are willing to do this so easily and I think this reflects well on Evernote. Many thanks! - Bill
  15. Yes! Fair enough and you're right on that. Thank you for pointing this out. The world of tech has become so incredibly hard to manage with the endless streams of subscriptions. Nearly fell out of my chair when I read that MS is going to start charging windows users monthly with it's 365 model. Anyway, I'll report back.
  16. Howdy- Yup, this is what I did. Or at least what I recalled doing. Not going to go as far as to say it switched itself back, but for whatever reason, it never 'stuck'. Now I'm stuck paying for something where I was trying to send Evernote a message that I, as a user, don't agree with where the company is going in general with features and direction as a company. So, I submitted a ticket, but am not confident. Still find it troubling they do not let users remove their financial information and I could not find instructions how to do this. Thanks!
  17. Hello- I have to say that my endless frustration with Evernote continues to be never ending. Sad to say. Today, Evernote has really done me in. Because they have added "features" over the years that are uncontrollable, I've stopped using Evernote. I downgraded my account to basic about 6mo ago. Then today, I saw they charged my credit card. This really did me in. Of course, no refund... great customer service (nothing like backing your product with a guarantee, right?). This led me to do some digging. I found there is really no way to delete a credit card from your account. At least
  18. Thanks for the tip! Sort of an annoying "feature". Wonder why they thought this would be good (and of all the things that need fixing, they focused on this?). Oh well. I tried and I really appreciate your help and suggestion. Thx!
  19. Hi Again- I was able to turn off the auto bullet in the Mac client (far less options than the windows version), but now its also doing this in iOS version. Is there a way to turn off auto formatting/bulleting in the iOS version? I couldn't find it in settings. Just sort of a reality check question: Is it just me, or with the limited screen size of a mobile device, why does evernote think it would be a good idea to indent bullets automatically and loose roughly 10% of an already limited screen? I use an iPhone SE- Maybe all the engineers are on phablets Thanks!
  20. Wait! I take that back... I had to uncheck the box, close the window, quit/restart Evernote, and now its working. I should have done that before. Sweet!! No more auto bullets. Nice! Thanks again!
  21. Hello- Thanks for the help. Sorry, I should have mentioned that I have tried checking and unchecking that box. Its still converting - into indented bullet points any time I use it at the beginning of a new line. Is this just a bug within my client (v. 6.13)? Thanks again!
  22. Hello- I've noticed everynote seems to have a nasty habit of turning all text lines that starts with "-" into an indented bullet point. This feels very "Word" like's drive to make all formatting decisions for the user. This is pretty terrible on a mobile device since the indented bullets take up about 1/2 the screen and is quite frustrating on the Mac client. Is there a way to turn off this auto formatting feature. I know there is in Windows but I can't find it in mac. Thanks!
  23. Wow! Nothing even remotely close to that level of control in the Mac client. Bummer, this is really irritating. I'll post the question in the Mac forum. Maybe there's a section in the client I don't know about. Thanks for the help!
  24. Hmmm... Good to know. Where you are finding it in settings. I'm using the Mac native app and couldn't find it. Thx!
  25. Hello- I've noticed everynote seems to have a nasty habit of turning all text that starts with "-" into an indented bullet point. This feels very much like MS Word's drive to make all formatting decisions for the user. This isn't horrible on a desktop (its not great either), but is really terrible on a mobile device since the indented bullets take up about 1/2 the screen. Is there a way to turn this off on desktop or mobile devices? Its a huge annoyance.
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