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  1. Sorry, but you misunderstood (or I should have been clearer.) I should have said "the thread below," which I linked to in my previous post. One of the forum mods requested that votes be collected there. There are currently 48 votes for it in that thread, as well as a new update re: an upcoming beta with a partial work-around:
  2. Thank you very much for posting this information. While I'd not consider it the ideal solution, it will hopefully at least provide some short-term relief for my situation. If possible, could you elaborate on what you mean or how this works re: "the desktop version will only download content that you are accessing?"
  3. There are multiple related threads and requests for this feature, with use cases and votes. The thread linked to below seems to be the main/active thread atm, for those who want the feature and would like to vote on it:
  4. The solution for this objection would be to make selective sync a Plus or Premium feature for the desktop products. In fact, it would likely be a strong encouragement for convincing people to subscribe over using the free product. Per my recent comment, I'm a Premium subscriber -- and frankly, I don't have that much stuff archived. I do have a very small had drive on my work laptop that I have no control over. If I have to start carrying a portable drive or stop using the Windows desktop app on my work laptop, I'll be better off using multiple free accounts or using a different product altogether.
  5. I am desperate for a Selective Sync feature -- which I consider a basic feature for any similar product. 1. Space constraints: My work laptop (which I travel with) has 8GB of space left on it because I'm unable to only sync my work-related notebooks. One purpose for using cloud storage is to reduce reliance on local hard drives for storage space. 2. Corporate Policy: Our company policy dictates that personal data NOT be kept on our work laptops. I cannot comply with that policy AND use Evernote Windows for work notes without the ability to selectively sync. 3. Privacy: Our company admins have remote access to our machines. Since I have personal data in some of my notebooks, that data is available to the company if I cannot selectively sync. I'm a Premium user, but if I this issue won't be resolved in very short order I'll have no reason to continue my paid subscription; I'll either need to find a different product, or consider using free accounts to keep my personal and work content separate.
  6. This is a logical feature and needed for a number of reasons. Having to include -!Archive to every search to exclude archived notes is a bit of jumping through hoops for something that should be fairly easy and obvious, and useful to many users in a number of use cases. If you use EverNote for Project Management at all, it's really a necessity for closed-out projects. I'd attribute the vote count being low because there are so many separate threads asking for an Archive Note and / or Archive Notebook feature.
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