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  1. On June 12, 2018 I attempted to send an email requesting a refund on my auto renewal and cancellation of my auto renewal. Researching my old emails I recognize that this email did not get to Evernote. It did provide a link to Evernote support that today does not work. Today, the same as last year, I cannot find any legitimate Evernote contact information. When I finally get to a page that briefly displays a link to email someone, it immediately asks me to log in. I login and it immediately logs me out. This happened last year. This year I got, without warning, another auto renewal charge. I have gone through the same exercise, attempting to contact Evernote, with the exact same results. I cannot find a way to contact Evernote. I want to cancel my auto renewal and I want my money back. I have finally decided it would be fruitless for me to continue attempting to contact Evernote directly. And, I am having to spend way too much time on this. Consequently, I am going through this forum. Again .... I want to cancel my auto renewal and I want my money back. Here is the email I attempted to send last year. I do not find a reminder regarding my automatic update ... charged to my credit card 29 May 2018. I do not use Evernote. I would like a refund of the $34.99 charge made 29 May 2018. If you cannot do the right thing here, I would at least cancel automatic renewal. at the very least Also, it took me a while, but ... I did find a link to customer support on your web site. When I click on this link, your site logs me out
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