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  1. Thanks for your posts guys, and separate thanks to JMichaelTX for giving nice detalization of your idea with tags with illustrated examples!! I have tested your suggested idea a bit creating sample 2 braches of 3 level depth tags and assigning them to notes What i can say - on my opinion it solves some part of "problem" indeed, The search text box for tags helps in this, what i mean is If you have such tags hierarchy Home Home.furniture , Home.furniture.table Office Office.furniture Office.furniture.table And then you process some note which by some means relates to your office table and home table Then your note will have all 6 tags Your note can be found if you go to tag search and enter text 'table' - tag search will smartly recognize this word in both "Home.furniture.table" and "Office.furniture.table" and outputs both those tags It solves the problem though you will pay for it: The most low level tags will be very long named - not too user friendly + will take time to pick them when you have big tree of tags Each particular note in most cases will contain very many tags, and remember each tag is pretty long named As mentioned by Flier - this approach (EN team pushes us to use it) is workaround and breaks logical way of things most people stick to, the user should have small pack of simple tags and nicely structured hierarchy of his notes, not vice versa! I have 'book case' and on first 'shelve' i have section regarding 'world war 2' in which i have 'machinery' book with section regarding 'tanks' which is marked as 'Tanks' in book glossary, i dont have one giant book with all human knowledge and really long named glossary! En team what do you smoke? And if seriously if your ideology is "we care only about notebooks and notes and EN is quick thing to put a quick note, other things are out of scope" - what can we say? we can not argue with that, each finds its own solution For now i will try approach suggested by JMichaelTX s for some time but by the look of things will eventually use 2 levels of notebooks untill spot some alternative Cheers guys.
  2. Hi guys, I've being using your product for several years and think its a good tool, though i have noticed that every time i want to create a 'Notebook stack' i suffer a terrible brain pain Why ? Please check below steps ( done on version ) 1. Imagine i want to create Notebook Stack or in common language a "group of notes" , i go to File -> [ And there is no such option there ] 2. Ok, lets imagine this is done not to overhelm users with unneeded? options. Who likes easy ways anyway? Then i try to right click on root entry - there is no such option there as well 3. Then i think maybe i can just right click on notebook i want to put to stack and that will be it - no, that is impossible to do as well - Add to stack contains only already created stacks.. 4. Ok i see Add to stack -> New stack - i think that will be it and i will just need to put new stack name 5. NO! You have no possibility to put new stack name at once - some default monstrous stack name is created instead 6. What i need now is to rename it to what i want! 7. Finally with blood and honour i have managed to create stack with needed name and put another notebook in it But it was ony one level "tree", what if i need 2+ levels of stacks? Seems this is not available in basic version but frankly saying I dont even want to try to do that... What if i have two notebooks and i want to put one inside another? - Not possible either even if "parent" notebook has no notes, i have to delete one notebook (the "parent" one) and go all over above steps again... Please improve this functionality as it breaks user experience terribly P.S. I have found few more UI not friendly scenarios like this just on the surface, tell me if you need those Cheers.
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