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  1. It looks like I found a bug in the various login methods provided by Evernote. I tried to contact support but as a basic customer it doesn't look like there's even a way to report bugs anymore without upgrading to chat or send an email. The password reset page allows for a password with a maximum length of 64 characters. I chose a 64-character password and everything worked fine. I then tried to connect my Android Evernote app using the new credentials and it wouldn't work at all. I went back to the website and logged out/in again and had the same issue. Neither login method worked anymore. I used the "forgot password" method to reset my password to something 40 characters long and now everything works. I'd check your backend limitations (database), front-end limitations (app login fields, website login fields), and website password reset fields to make sure that they're all working with the same assumptions for maximum password length.
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