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  1. @phils : I'm on Mac. @DTLow : "doing THIS automatically" you mean the update between Xmind and Evernote OR he sync between my local Note and Evernote's cloud ? Your suggestion sounds good but how to manually update the note in Evernote's cloud, knowing that this note is often updated (on my computer,local) each time the mindmap changes ?
  2. Thanks for the conbtribution. My need is to keep this mindmap available for someone else with whom this note/mindmap is shared. But this person doesn't need the last update (every 5 minutes) which burns my 60 Mo quotas ;-/. For exemple I would like to update/synch the note/mindmap every week only. Maybe the solution is simply to create a new note every week :-/
  3. I've linked a third party app (Xmind) with my Evernote account. Each time a work and save my mindmap on Xmind, the Evernote's note is updated and my quota (60 Mo free) is almost full. Thus I would like to choose when to synchronize this special note. Is it possible ? I can't find. Thank for the help
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