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  1. I had always used the right-click context menu on a webpage in Chrome to save to Evernote. If user goes that way they don't have the option to select the notebook for saving. Perhaps because of many icons on Chrome or not enough investigation by user, they may not know about the ability to open Web Clipper from the icon up top on Chrome. I would suggest adding the option to open the Web Clipper on the right-click context menu to make it easy for people that may have this problem. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the replies, people. As I read Pink's "Usually in web clipper" and saw Mike P's screenshot I thought "Where the heck is this??" Through further inspection I see that I have always used right-click menu on webpage and it gives me this, where there are no options: So, I will amend my request to: Add the option "Open Web Clipper" as the first option on Evernote's webpage right-click context menu, above the "Clip Bookmark", "Clip Screenshot" and "Clip full page". Thanks.
  3. Problem When user activates Chrome Extension to clip a page or Bookmark, the App determines what Notebook the page should go to. Presumably it is done by matching keywords. It's a good idea to save user time, but the guess may be wrong if user has notebooks whose contents share similar keywords. When the user detects the wrong notebook has ben chosen, he must waste time to log on to the website to manually move the clip to the desired Notebook. Proposed Solution You may keep the automatic Notebook selection procedure, but allow the user to select the desired Notebook from a dropdown of his Notebooks within the Chrome Extension (without going to the Evernote site).
  4. My password consists of Upper, lower, number and special characters. It is of the form Aaaaaa9** , it has asterisks at the end. I use Shareaholic to invoke sharing to Evernote. If my 30 day logon on evernote is expired and I need to enter the password again, I'm presented with a Login window on top of the page I want to share. I don't know if the window (or CSS overlay) is generated by Evernote or Shareaholic, but in case it's Shareaholic's, it still affects your customers. The username is already filled in. I enter the password and it always fails validation. I open the Evernote page in a different browser tab (Chrome) and enter the same password on the sites login prompt and it IS validated. It always happens. So I suspect that the first window, or CSS overlay prompt, presented over the page we want to add to Evernote doesn't adequately process special characters (my asterisks). If it failed with any ordinary characters it would fail for everyone every time and you would know about it. I hope you can recreate the problem and solve it. since it must be affecting a lot of people. Thanks.
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