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  1. Thanks! I've added a comment to that thread, hopefully they bring back the functionality soon. I tried the Filehippo link but I'm getting a 404 error when I try to download the legacy web clipper. Not sure if this is a temporary issue with Filehippo, or if the file has been removed (6.13 has the same issue). I'll keep trying, in any event, but if someone can share a link to their downloaded version of 6.13.2 I'd appreciate it
  2. I originally mentioned my issue at but have been advised to mention it here, too. It seems that I can no longer use a keyboard shortcut to launch the web clipper. When is this feature going to be reinstated, please?
  3. The Evernote extension for Chrome updated recently, and I seem to have lost my keyboard shortcut. I used to hit "§" (top left of keyboard, just below Escape) to launch the clipper, but that now doesn't work and I can't see how to bring it back. Am I missing something? If I'm not, could the devs give me back this really useful bit of functionality please
  4. Just to say that I'm having exactly the same problem: the clipper works fine, but I get that error message about it not being able to start.
  5. I'm having exactly the same problem -- would appreciate any advice anyone is able to give.
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