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  1. I’ve been looking for a way to highlight a word or sentence in the web client. I’m lost without that capability! So I was happy to read RobertSawyers post that ctl + Shift + H is supposed to do that. Will that key combo highlight one word or the sentence? Any help is very appreciated.
  2. Do you know about how much more space would be used if a 400kb pdf was converted to a jpg? Or about how much more, comparatively speaking, percentage wise? Since I can’t find an option in Evernote to downsize a jpg, that would mean taking the time to use a 3rd part app. Thank you for your time. I’m new here and trying to decide if, in the interest of time, I should just go back to One Note. Both iOS and Windows O/S Evernote apps seem so limited, and i can’t use Evernote app on my laptop due to device limit. Both iOS and web versions on Windows laps are so different! (And buggy As i keep
  3. I have enough problems keeping my information updated& categorized. Evernote started out as a simple way to do this. Restricting my devices is unacceptable because it flies in the face of what Evernote started out as, and what it has evolved into. No. I will not pay to not have to restrict my devices. Evernote could care less, based on the number of "haves" that will gladly & painlessly take on another discretionary use of funds. I'm searching now for an alternative to Evernote. Too bad they ruined a good thing for the "have nots".
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