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  1. I can only agree. You do not need a computer science degree for this feature. These days, everybody might see the need to quickly save code parts. In addition, I think that also a younger audience such as high school students might be interested in that feature given some code exposure in class.
  2. I don't know whether this will ever be implemented but it would be great to have full (or even reduced) jupyter notebook support and to run some small snippets within evernote. This would beneft the programming, reasearch, and data science community. I really like the idea even though the likeliness of implementation is probably somewhat low.
  3. So far it is just a formatting thing, you click the "code block button" in the desktop version (looks like: { } ) or use CTRL + Shift + L. You cannot set programming languages. It will just format the text differently.
  4. I use Evernote mainly for academic purposes. Very often, I need to enter a formula. However, Evernote does not support this feature. So I write the formula in LaTex and make a screenshot. But this is not optimal, of course. I would love to see a formula editor. It could be a graphic one (like in Microsoft Word) or a "scripted" one like in LaTex.
  5. I would like to see the option to set a language and get the color coding and formatting automatically for that language. For instance, if I set it to be SQL, it would automatically highlight keywords like "SELECT" and capitalize them. If I set it to a programming language, it would be nice to get automatic indentation on top.
  6. I use well above 3.000 notes for academic purposes. Unfortunately, if you have a lot of notes, the standard search feature performs really bad (I am aware of th eadvanced search capabilities). At the moment it looks like it only checks notes for the search word and ranks them according to the last edit. This is not sufficient. When I create a note, for instance, I often link other notes to that note. When I search for the title of the note, I get all those notes where I added the link first, because that was the last edit. It would be great if there were better ranking functionalities like giving more weight to linked notes or keywords that appear in the title. Additionally I would highly appreciate if a search for "topics" would also come up with a note titled "topic". From a technical side: At the moment it looks like a simple boolean retrieval algorithm is implemented with a ranking by "last edit" It would be great if the title would receive a higher weight. Documents with higher term frequencies should also receive a higher weight. The same accounts for linked notes. One could make use of the hyperlink strucuter using "Hypertext-Induced Topic Search" or something similar to "PageRank". Search words are not lemmatized. If I have a note titled "topic" there is no way to find it using search word "topics". Some kind of context search functionality like "Latent Semantic Indexing" might also be useful .
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