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  1. Like many others, I'm a free user who uses (well, used...) more than two devices. And having my phone, tablet and two laptops synced at all times was really useful. I didn't, however, need any of the extra features on the higher tiers. I'm not a heavy user, just one with multiple devices to hand. And the new pricing and feature structure does not change that. And this is where the real problem lies. If all you want is a jump from two always-synced devices to three or four, Plus just isn't a good value proposition. You're paying for a load of features that you have zero requirement for just to get a modest upgrade (it's not like I'm wanting to sync an actually unlimited number of devices, still a fingers-on-one-hand number) in a feature that used to be part of the free package. I'm sorry but "Pay for junk you'll never need, so you can continue using a feature that used to be free" comes over as being a rip-off, however you try to spin it. Alienating your free users really isn't a good idea. As what I think many companies tend to forget is that even a non-paying-user of a service can be word-of-mouth-advertising. And future users who hear of it, even form free users, may well have a genuine use-case for a paid tiers. But if everyone's talking about alternatives and migrations instead of why Evernote is really good, that's not going to help attract new users.
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