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  1. Sorry for poor choice of words.... After web clipper, clips. It opens a dialog box, to select type of clip, and in notebook options (as Default) is smart Filing. A month ago, it would suggest a notebook to save clip to or I could manually select any notebook. Now, no suggestion, and no way to select any notebook. Another option is to "start With" but it is blank and the clip app can't see any of my dozens of notebooks. All notes are sent to my original "default" notebook I then have to go there and re-file the clipping . Clear now??
  2. No suggested organization prior to save. Under "Options" you can't select always start, it is just blank and I have dozens of notebooks. I would guess that I have had this issue for about a month now. Files are simply saved to my default original notebook. OSX 10.11.5, Safari 9.1.1, WebClipper 6.8.1 HELP....
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