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  1. Nop, nada, zilch, nothing. I read in a few forums that the best way to correct this issue is to uninstall and reinstall the program...If I were to uninstall without syncing first...would I lose all my work that has not synced? Thanks
  2. Quite a bit. Ok. I am going to leave it for a few hours and see if if syncs. I will get back to you to report back. Thank you so much
  3. Now, I checked the individual notes and I noticed some are syncing and some are not. But I have to click one by one. If that is the problem...how do I fix the syncing? Thanks
  4. Yeah, I tried that too. The last sync was after I imported the second file to my Stack. I am on import number 7 to give you a better idea, so it has not been syncing almost since I created the stack. Where do I submit the trouble ticket? Thanks
  5. I was following the flow of the conversation. Here is the issue. I have a Red caution over Sync icon. Please see screenshot below. Yes, I do have internet connection. I also tried the "Ctrl key when you hit the sync button." I have also logged out and logged back in. I have cleaned files, I even used CC Cleaner just in case...but my files still do not sync. Any other suggestions so I can get my files to sync again? Thanks
  6. I have an exclamation point over the sync icon. I tried your suggestion " Try holding the Ctrl key when you hit the sync button " but I don't get anything. My files won't sync at all Thanks
  7. I tried the "holding the Ctrl key when you hit the sync button" but I don't get any error files. I only get "No matching notes found"...any other suggestions? Thanks
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