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  1. I am comprising a note of notes which is analogous to a directory where each element is another directory under it or a leaf level note. I would like to accomplish either of two things: 1. By default to display the beginning of the content of the listed sub note (e.g. X number of beginning characters) in the parent note or 2. On mouse over a sub note in the parent note, to pop a small popup with a preview similar to the above Are either one of these two possible? Essentially, I am trying to use Evernote to create a hyperlinked directory of contents where there are more levels in the hierarchy than just notebook/note, in other words, more like a directory structure in an OS. The functionality I am asking for would help me see a short preview of what is in the children from a parent note. I am already linking child listings in a parent note to its own note and that works great.
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