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  1. I put quotes to separate 1 from the description of the issue. In General I would like to have the ability to disable the automatic creation of the list, when you write 1. and put a space after the period.
  2. I picture already removed from the notes. It hangs in the preview. Like it from the preview to remove it?
  3. When I'm in a new line in the memo write "1. "it is with the space after the period, then automatically turns on numerology list. No space is not automatically enabled. But the space I need to put. It is so easy to read.
  4. Open the note with the picture that hanging on the left and the piece it is not. How to remove the left?
  5. Как удалить картинки из заметок? В основной области удалил, а там где слева список заметок представлен, вот там еще отображается миниатюра.
  6. How to remove pictures from notes?
  7. Hello. As in the web version to disable the automatic creation of numbered list? Thx.
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