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  1. That's great! I'll have to download it. A couple other observations... hopefully this will help the Devs solve this problem if this patch hadn't... If the cursor position is de-selected, if I hit TAB 2x, the cursor comes back into position, but only at the top of the note. if I have adobe acrobat open, even in the background, it seems to happen more frequently. Thanks!
  2. Ok, something else noted... hopefully this will help the Devs solve this problem. If the cursor position is de-selected, if I hit TAB 2x, the cursor comes back into position. [EDIT] I was incorrect; it does NOT return to the original cursor position, but simply goes to the beginning of the note, and then I can edit normally. Thanks!
  3. Update #3: I've noted that when starting or working with a note, I'm able to alter the title without problems, but soon as I shift to the body (by tabbing or by clicking somwhere with a mouse, the blinking cursor is placed), as soon as I enter anything with the keyboard, the window or note is deselected.
  4. Ok, update: I've noticed- if I have a fresh restart, EN works like normal. However, if it enter's sleep, then I will have the problem regularly. If I go into the Task Manager and end the processes, sometimes this will stop it from happening. Hope this helps! update #2: If the window get's deselected and I ALT+TAB to a different window/program, I can cycle back to EN, and it will let me interact normally (or I can immediately ALT+SHIFT+TAB back as well)
  5. okay, some feedback, hopefully the developers willlook at this information: For review – (Win 10 on two different computers) Problem: After choosing a note, then selecting a position for the blinking cursor, the cursor will disappear and the note seems disselected when starting to type. when I subsequently select the note again and place the cursor, I can type normally. Noted patterns: - if my computer is shut down, then I don't seem to have a problem. However, if my computer enters a sleep mode, I have more problems after it wakes up. Workarounds: - I have now found tha
  6. This has happened to me as well, quite frequently. But, happens when I place the cursor, and then start to type. Click in the window, go to type, cursor disappears, and the 'window/note' gets unselected. Initially, seems that when I had on auto-formatting options, then it happened frequently. Started on the last couple of releases, only public- no betas. Does not happen in the web browser version, only on the desktop version. When I reboot my system, seems to resolve. But if the system at all goes into sleep mode, then wakes up, then I get the behavior happening more frequently
  7. Issue #1: When selecting a note, new or otherwise, and clicking in the note and placing the cursor, the note is deselected, and the blinking cursor disappears when I commence typing. When I click on the position in th note again, I can resume text entry without a problems. Potential work around (worked so far): after looking through my options I disabled automatic format of text elements (options > Note > note editing options). The behavior seems to stop for me. Impact: This frustrating circumstance has happened the last few updates on Windows 10 primarily, on multiple devices.
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