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  1. In the end Google would be sued. But for end user, Evernote since they published that our Data is secure and will not be mined. If not they should tell that our data is in the hands of Google
  2. I don't care who hosts the backend servers for Evernote. If the news ever come out that Google was able to mine data from Evernote customers, I will be the first one to sue Evernote.
  3. What makes you think ONLY the Non-paying users will migrate to OneNote. There are paying subscribers who 1) Have moved 2) Thinking about moving 3) Frustrated about increase in price 4) Don't care about increase in price but for the behavior of Evernote they just moved loosing trust. 5) Who sort of stay at both places like me as I have a Office 365 Subscription and as well Premium.
  4. I still think there is no other tool which will totally replace Evernote. You might find a feature here and there in spread across certain apps, but its still a package in a whole.
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