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  1. Thanks, I missed that (at the top level), my bad. My point was that, rather than have to navigate through forums etc etc, putting a feedback link on the bottom of the Evernote webpage (even under contacts) makes sense. Then you don't need to register and sign in to leave feedback. Sure you might get trolls, but you might get a lot of ..Love your product, your pricing sucks, if it were $10 I'd be there... If you get my drift. And look, I'm just trying to be honest and helpful. When I read that Evernote senior management is abandoning ship and the company is in a death spiral (not my words) I start to wonder why/how a basically top of the line product gets into this sort of mess. And from my perspective, it's all down to pricing. I'm not a corporate, but I like and (would) use the product. However, I don't need to shell out $90 of my money to get that functionality. What would I be willing to shell out, see earlier response. Again, just saying'
  2. Whatever the outcome, I think that's sensible. Whilst I'm not connected with hordes of Evernote users I am connected with a few (now past users) and I do read the press. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and all (that I have read) comment about the price for joe average and the fact that here are similar competing free products. As one wise old chap said to me (on more than one occasion): 100% of nothing is nothing. OTOH a million lots of $10 is $10,000... Worth at least a consideration.
  3. I've been looking on your website, product, web version, forums for a simple feedback option. There is none, although I see that, if you get into the forums you can provide feedback on every individual item, but not general feed back. Maybe that speaks to the culture of Evernote, I'd have a feedback option either in Contacts or below contacts on your website and an option in your help section with your app. Again, I think that speaks to the culture. FWIW, here's my feedback. Firstly I am reading many articles that suggest Evernote is in a death spiral. Not sure if that's true, but the (apparent) exodus of many isn't a good sign. I've seen this happen with many (and I mean many) apps that suddenly up the cost/subscription where there are competing products for free (and there are about 20 note taking apps including Keep and One Note). I don't know if upping the subscription cost quite markedly is arrogance or naivety, but it seldom works. And given that it seldom works why do it. Look if you had a free system with say 5 devices then that would work, two doesn't and the leap for me, $90 a year. meh. Again, I think you just think you are different, you are not. Atlassian got it right, 10 user starter for $10 a year (which they donate to charity). That gets you hooked, then you take that to your business or you grow your business into the more (for Atlassian) profitable subscriptions. It's workable and you can setup a sizeable system before you need to upgrade. Evernote by limiting to two devices you made the free version, for many, unworkable. I have a laptop, phone and tablet, with one or two VMs, five is OK and at $10/year, I'd be in it. At $90/year I'm not going to bother. And TBF, most of the notes I need are unstructured and quick, so Google Keep works for me. Would I use Evernote if I could put it on my 5 or 6 systems in lieu of Google Keep, very probably, I was a fairly early adopter of Evernote, but your new and improved subscription system lost me and it appears lost many others to the point where it may affect the viability of the company. So just saying, I know you need to be fed, but alienating a gazillion at the low end ins't going to help that. And remember, you are competing against free (note I don't list the features you are competing against, people will compromise if the price is right). You can leave the 2 machines and 60Mb/month, but your first reasonable pay point should be $10/ year (actually $9.99/year) and you'd get a lot of people staying and a lot coming on board (say 10 devices and 2Gb or something like that). Not going to bother, OK fine, how's your current pricing going? Again, just saying. Kevin
  4. Oops, didn't realise, I'd already commented. Yes, it gets up my nose that there isn't a simple solution to this. Anyway, exactly @swgerow, all those , I need to be polite here, 'people' that suggest using an iPhone and/or an iPad REALLY REALLY REALLY miss the point of applications like evernote when you are say recording a lecture, meeting or anything for that matter. It's that it's all contained in the application, simple and intuitive and (almost) impossible to ***** up. Now you are suggesting using one app for audio, one app for note taking, perhaps there's another app for camera video. Please, get real. Look, I'd use OneNote if there were a simple way to email the OneNote page as in Evernote->More Sharing-> Email. Evernote are singularly bad at listening to their customers and doing the 'obviously' correct thing. How hard could it be to allow users to select a default bitrate (that is better than the currently VERY VERY low bitrate).
  5. Ok, so everyone is looking for Evernote to provide a solution. It's clear they are not going to do that and it's clear they don't really give a stuff about their customers, which see their latest price/device reorganisation (this thread is six (6) years (yes years) old. If OneNote wasn't so convoluted and you could easily email content I'd switch in a heartbeat, but Evernote isn't bad when it comes to note organisation. I don't have an integrated solution. We simply need a way to increase the quality (bitrate) of recorded audio in event, how hard could that be?
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