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  1. Thanks, I see what you mean. And it's sticky between notes. I'll have to experiment.
  2. With Evernote Android, I have to be really still in holding my phone so Evernote will recognize the content of the photo and capture it. I am rarely successful and my photos are usually blurry. When I'm using CamScanner, however, it takes the picture, then analyzes the content for borders. I am rarely UNsuccessful here. I get great sharp results. Multipage PDF's are easy to create, name and import to Evernote. All is well. But, I'd rather use Evernote for that. Suggestion: Take the photo first, then analyze the photo for content.
  3. Just wanted to say: I love Evernote, but, boy it sure is an individual choice! Evernote Premium just works the way my mind thinks. Can't stress that enough. I tried to switch to OneNote 2016 today to save some money and just couldn't bring myself to even look at one converted page in OneNote for more than 2 minutes. Just finished deleting everything I uploaded into OneNote. I tell my customers that if they are the creative type and are more free-flowing, then OneNote might be a better choice. If they are more structured and particular in how they think, they might be more comfortable in Evernote. I need to be able to edit my web clippings and pages the way I want them to be saved: no advertising, no photographs or graphics unless they are necessary for the article, simple, uniform formatting and easy to read. On the other hand, the ability to OCR the text out of a picture on OneNote so that you don't need the picture is fantastic. If you are the type that puts everything digital possible into your notebooks, then it's OneNote, all the way. If you can keep the picture and search for the content within it, Evernote works. Evernote even OCR's my handwriting from my scanned in Padfolio sheets! I still think that's amazing. Update Dec 14, 2016: In light of the recent Privacy Policy, I downloaded OneNote again and tried harder. Still didn't work. On Windows, either OneNote app (either UWP or Win32) still uses about twice as much memory as Evernote does. On Android, I use Nova Launcher Prime as my launcher, or shell. OneNote consistently makes the whole screen save the wallpaper, vanish, then reappear a few seconds later when I open it. The OneNote icon opens up into Recent Pages, when I want it to open to one of my four notebooks (think Stacks in Evernote) to get at my Sections (think Notebooks in Evernote). Can't make it change.
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