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  1. Just wanted to chime in that this is a devastating decision for me too. Completely disrupts my workflow on my work computer which has standalone Outlook installed (to be precise, it's Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 MSO, 64-bit, part of the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus subscription product). The Evernote Clipper add-on was crucial to filing emails into Evernote efficiently. My company locks down the settings, so I can't access to the web version of Outlook, and even if I could, I can't install the new add-in through the Microsoft App Store ("Sorry, Microsoft 365 has been configured to prevent individual acquisition of Office Add-ins."). I asked IT for an exception, but they said it's determined at the corporate level and due to contract requirements they can't/won't open it up. I downgraded back to 6.25 but the clipper didn't reinstall correctly so I'm still dead in the water. At this point, I'm researching alternates to Evernote and see how to migrate all my Evernote data to the a platform (probably OneNote, but maybe another). Very, very disappointed Evernote Plus user here.
  2. I just installed the Evernote app for Mac and was setting up the screen layout to my preferences. First I switched the view to "Top List View," then I started resizing the columns so I could read everything. Unfortunately, when I resized the "Title" column by double clicking on the right edge of the "Title" column header (similar to what I do in Excel to auto-resize a column to fit to contents), it resized that column to take up the entire screen, and now I cannot resize it to be any smaller! When I put my cursor over the right edge of the column, instead of resizing the column it wants to resize the overall app window, since the column now stretches to the edge of the app. Any ideas for how to resize a column when I can't access the edge of the column?? I've already tried: Removing the Title column from the view and adding it back. The old sizing is remembered and it takes up the whole screen as soon as I add it back. Re-ordering the columns so that the Title column is between two others. It doesn't make a difference - Title still takes up the whole window and I can't view the other columns. Toggling between view modes (i.e., Side List View, Top List View, Card View, etc.). Changing settings in the other view modes does not seem to affect the Top List View settings. I'm willing to uninstall and reinstall the app if needed, but wondered if there is an easier way to fix this. Thanks!
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