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  1. I am having a similar issue. I regularly send email to Evernote notebooks. But for some reason, now only some emails are correctly sent to the Notebook designated in the Subject Line (@notebook name). Others go to my default notebook. I'm a premium user. This has not been a problem before, and now it is a persistent issue. I use Spaces, and I had a tech tell that the email function won't work for notebooks in Spaces, but it was working fine before last week. Frustrating and I may have to use a different service as I cannot afford to send and reorganize every day.
  2. Sharing stacks is a definite "must have" in Evernote for Business. Uniformity in the way the information is organized is key to all members of the team finding the information and saving it in a uniform manner. Since the business package is suppose to make it easy to collaborate, it seems that sharing stacks is a huge omission from the features.
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