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  1. Chrome 51.0.2704.81 on Android. One thing: I remember that I was able to choose what to clip (bookmark, note, full page, etc.): now when I clip I see only a checkbox "clip full page" (that I keep unchecked). Am I clipping a bookmark as before or something has changed? On Chrome on the desktop I have different choices: Article, Full page, Bookmark, Simplified Article, Screenshot. I use Bookmark.
  2. I'm using Evernote for Android 7.9.2. It appears there is no update on Google Play after this version or, at least, it is not displayed on my smartphone. Is there any configuration/option/customization that can be active (for some reason) that can result in this behavior?
  3. Hi Matt, thanks for replying. Here is the URL: https://jwhsmith.net/2014/12/capturing-a-webcam-stream-using-v4l2/ however, this happens with ALL the pages I clip from Android. I see two problems here: one is that the JPEG does not render (but I can download it and see it outside of Evernote) and the other problem is that the image clipped by the web clipper (the webcam in this case) is not the same image as the one clipped by the Android clipper. The image clipped by Android is attached to this message: it seems like a render of the page or something like that.
  4. Dear all, I noticed that there is a strange behavior of the clipper in Android: it saves an "attachment" (it seems) instead of an image and that attachment is not shown anywhere. If I click on the attachment from the desktop web browser, it let me download an image, but this is very different from the image that the web clipper adds to the bookmark. Is there any possibility to make the android clipper act as the web clipper? Here is an example: snap44.png is the bookmark clipped by the desktop web clipper, while the snap45.png is the same link bookmarked by the Android app
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