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  1. To be fair, I said "apps like Bear." I know that Bear is a newcomer but there are a lot of apps out there that use Markdown. If you read reviews for them, you'll find a lot of former Evernote users who gave up on EN as a writing/note-taking tool. Now that I think of it, I wish Evernote had reserved all the team collaboration and other businessy features for a special Pro subscription. The beauty of Evernote is all of the things it can do, but that's also the problem with Evernote. Feature overload. Sadly, though, it seems they have chosen to do the opposite—focus on team and business features like Spaces. Failure to add Markdown support after years of hemming and hawing sends the message that they don't care about individuals anymore. So does their website, which puts all the emphasis on business features. I think I just talked myself out of even bothering with EN anymore. Honestly the only feature I can't find elsewhere is the ability to search handwritten text within jpegs. Maybe I can live without that.
  2. Chiming in to say that the only way I'll keep using Evernote, and keep paying for Pro, is if they add Markdown support. I'm currently using both EN and Bear, and the fact that I can't even import Markdown notes into Evernote without some complicated third party hack is just madness. So Evernote, if you are listening, don't let yourselves slip into obsolescence because you don't like Markdown, or it's too much work to integrate. If you want to stamp apps like Bear in their tracks, Markdown is your answer.
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