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  1. Dont ask me how but I clicked on a link in another forum and it started working again. I'm no expert but at the same time I am somewhat knowledgable with computers. How the heck this worked I don't know but it did. I clicked this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/754ux14xs846ojj/
  2. There is a little Evernote icon in the right upper hand safari window when you click the box with an arrow on it icon. When you click this Evernote icon it clips the open page in the safari browser and saves it to Evernote. This no longer works. It has worked for years until today. Anyone that has a fix please respond. Thank you!!!
  3. Im talking about using the clipper in safari as described in this article:.
  4. DTlow:. I understand that. However I use the clipper in Safari to clip web pages to Evernote then I view them in the Evernote app not online. I just need to get the clipper to work like it did a few weeks ago so I can clip pages. I'm not concerned with viewing my clippings via the browser.
  5. I am using an iPad Air 2 with iOS 9.3.2 installed. Evernote in Safari isn't doing anything when I click on it. It used to work, I just noticed that it is no longer working 10 minutes ago. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!
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