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  1. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me, because Evernote does not provide this functionality in a smooth workflow. This conversation has just convinced me to cancel my subscription. I'm going to look somewhere else.
  2. Isn't that the point of making paper documents searchable?
  3. At this rate, the answer to that is a big "nope". I got Evernote so I could collate all of my personal records. This is very efficiently done with PDFs, except that local OSs aren't great at searching scanned PDFs. Evernote provides this functionality, so it's obvious they can open and parse these documents, but they haven't bothered to make a light-weight in-app reader to quickly reference details on documents. Instead, as others have said, you're required to download and check each document for the element your're looking for. The single value Evernote was providing to me was OCR searching of scanned documents. Lack of a streamlined preview functionality breaks the workflow efficiency that OCR searches otherwise would provide in searching a large library of often redundant documents. I believe this to be a reasonable request given that there is obviously community demand. I would be less inclined to complain if I weren't paying for a service that I feel does not provide the streamlined workflow that is advertised: Go paperless and be able to access and search your documents easily.
  4. This does not solve the issue of storing PDFs that you didn't generate yourself. For instance, statements obtained online and kept in Evernote for records purposes can't be edited by the average user with a thumbnail, and even then - who has time to edit each PDF like that? This should be an easy module to write on the server side. People are paying significant fees for this service, and the lack of feature advancement is surprising.
  5. +1 on this. I'm working on "Going Paperless" and was very disappointed when I discovered that EverNote doesn't provide a first-page thumbnail of PDFs, generated on their servers. If they're not going to bother encrypting our data, they can at least generate some value-added metadata to promote faster review and search.
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