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  1. I wanted to confirm that this still continues to be a defect and is easily reproducible. I continue to make sure I have up-to-date versions of Google Chrome and the Web Clip Extension. I have been a Evernote user for a number of years. This was a similar problem that occurred about 4 years ago that I reported, then was remediated, then about 6+ months ago, this issue has returned.
  2. In my Windows version ( (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)) of the Evernote application I am finding that when creating a new Note, the title of a new Note, will be the name of a previous referenced YouTube episode. I have seen this verified behavior come and go over the years, so it is not entirely a new issue and you should find a similar note that I posted 4+ years ago that detailed the same issue and was finally remediated. I am using Chrome (Version 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)) browser and I am viewing a YouTube video at the YouTube site. Down the right-hand side of the browser window are the typical YouTube video recommendations. When you click on one of those "suggested" video's, view it in a new browser tab then perform a web clip, the auto-filled title for this new Evernote specific note will be the name of the original YouTube video that showed all of the recommendations. Example is attached. Where the title of the Evernote web clip is previous browser tab "80/20 - Extreme DIY..." that had all of the video recommendations. When I clicked on a recommended video for how to "90-Degree Notch Carbon Fiber..." then attempted to Web Clip...it retained the previous name of the original video. "80/20 - Extreme DIY...")
  3. In the Macintosh Evernote application the search field needs to be moved over above where the notes are listed. (see attached file) 1) As you are typing into the Search Field in the extreme upper-right hand side of the window...you have to move your eyes back and forth between the search field and the list of notes. This results in wasted movement going back and forth between different parts of the Evernote application.2) This interface enhancement would match the same interface design of the Windows PC version of Evernote. (I use both versions of Evernote daily). If you use the Windows version you will find that the ability to search (the search field is directly above the list of notes, in the middle of the main application window) and quickly see the results of the search are more fluid because you can very quickly see the results without having to move your eyes significantly around the window.
  4. yes...I can confirm on both platforms, Windows 7 and Macintosh, with Chrome browser, and the 6.10 version of Evernote WebClipper the "Amazon" specific type of Web Clipping is not an available option.
  5. Yes...I see that a v6.9 of the Web Clipper extension has been updated in Chrome and the Amazon option now appears in the list of clipping types. Thank you for the fix!
  6. I have started noticing the same problem in the last couple of weeks with the web clipper v6.8.1 not properly clipping Amazon web pages. I believe it is because Amazon has started incorporating the use of https in web page URLs and the web clipper doesn't properly know how to handle this. As a test, I have older Amazon web clippings that were properly clipped about 6 weeks ago in Evernote, but now are no longer are recognized in the web clipper as an 'Amazon' web page. This same problem has occurred for many months if you were a participant in the Amazon Smile program. When participating in the program, the web clipper doesn't recognize the http://smile.amazon.com/booktitle... URL as an Amazon page. (I had actually opened up a support ticket on that with technical support about 6 months ago) I have seen a majority of the issues on my Windows 7, Web Clipper v6.8.1 and Chrome 51.0.2704.103. I also have confirmed on my iMac the same issue: Mac OSX v10.11.5, Web Clipper v6.8.1 and Chrome 51.0.2704 (64-bit)
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