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  1. I have three email addresses on my phone and Microsoft Outlook 2016 on my PC doesn't do a good job of syncing updated and new Contacts to my phone for some of the accounts. So I sometimes will email a new contact to myself from my PC to my phone with the intention of opening the Contact attached to the email and saving it on my iPhone 5 (with the latest OS, whatever it is) as a new contact on my phone. But when I open the email on my iPhone, before my eyes, in about two seconds, the attached contact is converted to an Evernote something (contact? note?), and I can't open it to save it to my phone. (Doesn't open in EN or Outlook.) This has been going on for at least a month and I'm just now getting around to try to figure out how to fix it. Help, please.!
  2. I'm at the same dead end. Everything in Contact and submitting a ticket loops back to the Evernote Support page (as in the post above) where I fill out the form answering the drop-downs as best I can, then get to the last one and it says "Please submit a ticket"--which is what I thought I was doing.
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