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  1. Casey your note and points are fantastic. I would also add that retailers and restaurant can track customers location and identify buildings, residential and office that they are not penetrating efficiently. It will also help understand and demonstrate(Map) the best next locations. I hope very much that Evernote is listening as gazumped said!
  2. When the Atlas function was removed and since I have been very frustrated. Now that Places has been removed from the iPhone app I have now way to see all of my notes that I have worked on and very accurately placed the geo data! Help! I need to see the notes on a map! One at a time is of no value! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  3. The Atlas function was very important to me. I was planning on syncing 10,000ish real estate records that I have stored in another database with geo coded information. Any plan to bring back the Atlas feature? Is there a work around (third party) that you are aware of that I can connect the geo data included in the Evernote record to display the records on a map? Sample Property Data.xlsx
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