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  1. It is currently my "default" notebook. However I am unable to change the default status to one of my local notebooks. If I started a brand new, fresh Evernote account can I create only local notebooks or would it still force me to create a synched notebook?
  2. I created a notebook and began to use Evernote. I realized that the notebook I had created was a synchronized notebook and I decided that I did not want to use a synchronized notebook for work related documentation. After searching I determined that I am unable to convert this notebook to a local notebook so I went ahead and re-made my notebooks but as local notebooks. Now, as I am cleaning things up it appears that I am no allowed to delete this vestigial notebook that I made by mistake at the outset. I have no use for it, synching is turned off, but I simply can't remove it. I have it labeled as "Dummy Notebook" because of this. I realize that a stronger person could simply ignore this however I am finding it infuriating that I can't have a "clean slate" so to speak and use only local notebooks. Is there any resolution to this? Do I need to make an entirely new Evernote account to clear out my notebooks?
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