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  1. I have the same problems as reported above: I'm still being asked to upgrade my imaginary team. Yep, I'm one those users who gets ? about this. Sidebar preferences don't stick. I need to re-hide Recent Notes every time I open the app.
  2. @BSR Sorry mate, the "turn-it-off-and-back-on-again" solution hasn't fixed the problem. I'm still being asked to upgrade my imaginary team and the option to remove it is still inactive.
  3. I've made three posts the past four days (feedback about the latest Mac version). None of them have been "approved" by whoever is moderating the forum. How long does this normally take?
  4. How can I remove Upgrade My Team from the sidebar? I don't have a team to upgrade, and for some strange reason the option to remove it (in the View > Sidebar Options menu) is greyed out.
  5. Are we stuck with Upgrade Your Team in the sidebar again? I thought this got fixed a few versions ago. Please allow the option to remove this from the sidebar - it's currently greyed out.
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