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  1. Hi gazumped - thanks for your response! You make good points, and based on them, I would also concur that it was probably a URL in the note that was picked up by Chrome. Interesting about ENML code (I was wondering how the data was saved/translated, etc). Again, thanks for all of your helpful contributions here! -jeff
  2. Hello Fellow EN Users, First and foremost, thanks for all of your contributions here in the forum - I appreciate having such a valuable resource here! I was wondering if I can get your opinion(s) on this behavior listed below, and answer a question. Over the past number of weeks, I've been compiling a list of misc information in a particular note in Evernote Web (via Google Chrome on Win10). This has mostly included web links, and some information copied and pasted from various websites. I added a couple of new simple web links on Friday, and noticed some concerning behavior when retur
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