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  1. On 6/10/2016 at 8:54 PM, JMichaelTX said:

    Script has been revised in this post:

    Revised:  2016-06-10 20:45 CT (Fri)

    • Revised Script (Ver 1.2)
    • ADDED:  Exclude empty found items (nothing between delimiters)
    • CHANGED:  Do NOT produce a Summary Report Note  if no notes are found with delimiters.
      • If no notes are found, a popup dialog is displayed, so stating.

    I'm using this updated script and having the same error as @zrandall. I get the title even if there's nothing between the delimiters.

    Ultimately, I also want to omit the title if the only content between the delimiters is a return.

  2. @JMichaelTX Using the revised script, I still got the title for notes that didn't have content between the two delimiters.

    Thank you so much for your help!


    The following example notes are attached:

    A source note with content between delimiters (so I want the title, tag, date, as well as the content between delimiters)

    A source note without content between delimiters (so I don't want anything)

    A summary note based for content between the first two delimiters

    A summary note for content between the last two delimiters


    Let me know if some other information would be helpful.

    Example Notes.enex

  3. @JMichaelTXI only want to copy the title to the weekly summary if there is something between the beginning and terminating delimiters. That's what I meant by:

    if (count of parsedList) > 1 then set end of foundItems to originTitle

    This isn't working though. Even if there is nothing there (between the two delimiters), it will still copy the title.


  4. I don't want to use author because if I duplicate a note template, my note retains the note template's author. In other words, the author isn't always accurate.

    There's a "Created by [name] and shared with [#] people" at the top of every note. Is there no way to access that name?

    How can I retrieve tags from a note that contain "@" as in "@DP"?


  5. Awesome, thanks! Good call-out on style. And the date updated is a good idea.

    1) Is there a way for me to get the author's name too? I was thinking that I could get the author's name from the "Created by" field, which would be ideal. An alternative might be to get the author's initials from a tag that authors would use. I don't think I should use the "Author" field because if you duplicate and modify a note, the original author remains. I saw that @DTLow mentioned that tag info is stored as 
    <meta name="keywords" content="!Journal"/> but wasn't sure how to use that info.


    2) @DTLow You wrote, "My initial thought was to use the first delimiter, but then walk through the parsed text to find the terminating delimiter; text 1 thru (offset of "!!!" in parcedText)"

    How would walking through the text eliminate the devastation of a missing terminating delimiter? Wouldn't it end up including everything in the rest of the note regardless of approach taken.

  6. @JMichaelTXAwesome, thank you so much! This is tremendously helpful!


    I am doing the following to get the title of the origin note, so that I know where the copied text is coming from:

    set originTitle to title of oNote

    set foundItems to {}

    if (count of parsedList) > 1 then set end of foundItems to originTitle


    Question: How do I get the link of the current oNote so that the title is a link to the note the summary came from? I can't find it anywhere in the documentation.


    The only other change that I will make is to have separate scripts to create notes in different notebooks depending on which subheader I write under. For example, I will have a Key Learnings notebook and a To-do list notebook that all come from a Meetings notebook that I already have. That was as simple as creating a targetNb property and changing the beginDelim and endDelim.

  7. I want to automatically extract any text between two specific subheaders (say ***** and !!!!!) from all notes in a notebook into a single note every week. Has anyone ever written a script to search for and copy/export parts of notes? Any thoughts on how it could be done?



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