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  1. I'm using this updated script and having the same error as @zrandall. I get the title even if there's nothing between the delimiters. Ultimately, I also want to omit the title if the only content between the delimiters is a return.
  2. Huh. I can't figure it out why the same script would work for you, but not for me. I get the title of the note regardless of whether or not it has delimited content.
  3. @DTLowYou got a totally empty summary note? Was a summary note created at all? When I run the exact script that @JMichaelTX provided, I see titles for notes that have no delimited content.
  4. @JMichaelTX Using the revised script, I still got the title for notes that didn't have content between the two delimiters. Thank you so much for your help! The following example notes are attached: A source note with content between delimiters (so I want the title, tag, date, as well as the content between delimiters) A source note without content between delimiters (so I don't want anything) A summary note based for content between the first two delimiters A summary note for content between the last two delimiters Let me know if some other info
  5. @JMichaelTXI only want to copy the title to the weekly summary if there is something between the beginning and terminating delimiters. That's what I meant by: if (count of parsedList) > 1 then set end of foundItems to originTitle This isn't working though. Even if there is nothing there (between the two delimiters), it will still copy the title. Thanks!
  6. Hmm I'm getting an error: error "Evernote got an error: Can’t get characters 1 thru 1 of tag \"$ClassNotes\"." number -1728 from characters 1 thru 1of tag "$ClassNotes"
  7. I don't want to use author because if I duplicate a note template, my note retains the note template's author. In other words, the author isn't always accurate. There's a "Created by [name] and shared with [#] people" at the top of every note. Is there no way to access that name? How can I retrieve tags from a note that contain "@" as in "@DP"? Thanks!
  8. Awesome, thanks! Good call-out on style. And the date updated is a good idea. 1) Is there a way for me to get the author's name too? I was thinking that I could get the author's name from the "Created by" field, which would be ideal. An alternative might be to get the author's initials from a tag that authors would use. I don't think I should use the "Author" field because if you duplicate and modify a note, the original author remains. I saw that @DTLow mentioned that tag info is stored as <meta name="keywords" content="!Journal"/> but wasn't sure how to use that info.
  9. @JMichaelTXAwesome, thank you so much! This is tremendously helpful! I am doing the following to get the title of the origin note, so that I know where the copied text is coming from: set originTitle to title of oNote set foundItems to {} if (count of parsedList) > 1 then set end of foundItems to originTitle Question: How do I get the link of the current oNote so that the title is a link to the note the summary came from? I can't find it anywhere in the documentation. The only other change that I will make is to have separate scripts to cre
  10. I want to automatically extract any text between two specific subheaders (say ***** and !!!!!) from all notes in a notebook into a single note every week. Has anyone ever written a script to search for and copy/export parts of notes? Any thoughts on how it could be done? Thanks!
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