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  1. I found this thread, because I was looking for how to pin a note to the top regardless of sort criteria. USE CASE: I keep a daily log of things I do at work. I'd like to have a TODOs/Ideas note at the top, so that in the course of my day, when I think of something I need to do at some point, or some idea, it's right there at the top for reference. Currently, if I don't have any new TODOs/Ideas for several days/weeks, the note eventually gets pushed down out of my view (because I sort my daily notes by date).
  2. I'm not sure where gustavgi's reply went that I received by email, but his answer is great...just what I was looking for...in fact, even better. I overlooked that icon. Now if only it could place the code block at the indention I have. Currently it moves the code block all the way to the left margin of the note. Shouldn't it "honor" where my indented cursor is when placing the block.
  3. My apologies for coming across unappreciative. Thank you for you quick response. Glad to hear it was requested in the past, hopefully in some near future will see this added functionality. Is this the forum to make such a feature request that Evernote product management will see?
  4. No, that's not the point. I want a "regular" formatting, until I'm adding "code", to which I want to apply some defined formatting just for the selection within the note. This is a feature request, because there currently is not a function to do this.
  5. As I take notes, there are times that I like to set text/block to a specific format (Courier, 9pt) to stand out in my note (programming code). It would be nice to have off the context menu a choice to format the text to my named style.
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