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  1. Agreed on all points. I journal every day with PenUltimate on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. I also use it for letters and note taking when I meet with clients. While I cope with the issue related to it not returning to the last page/place, I'm concerned that this app won't be supported in the future, especially since I use it multiple hours in a day. Thanks for speaking up about this everyone.
  2. First off, I love this app and I've had it for a long time. Ever since I purchased the first iPad my hope was to move my daily journaling and writing practices to the iPad. Now this is finally happening with the iPad Pro and PenUltimate. However, I do find that PenUltimate is not the greatest at returning me where I last left off. I created a journal Notebook and within that I have one "note" that will serve as my journal for the rest of this calendar year. I'm currently on page 19 of this note and when I go to open it in the morning it doesn't typically take me to where I left off (the l
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