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  1. I followed the suggestion to log in to Evernote WEB with safari with the option checked "remember for 30 days". As soon as I logged in on the web, the web clipper (which was logged out before) also logged in (automatically) and -most important - stayed logged in!!
  2. ..sorry I can´t find a link to create a support ticket,....where is it?...is the "signature" when I click on your pic on the left?...I´m just looking for a button which says "create support ticket"...
  3. Hi all, same problem here...since a couple of days (last OS X update) the Safari Evernote web clipper *always* asks for the login credentials..those aren´t saved. If I enter them, the clipping function is OK, but after a safari restart it´s the same again. Re-Install of the plugin directly from evernote did´t help. OS X 10.11.5., Safari 9.1.1, Evernote Web clipper 6.8.1, Macbook 2015. Should i create a support ticket (how?) thx
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