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  1. I use Windows and I don't think I have an icon corresponding to the 'eyeball' you mention. I can do a right-click and choose Open, or 'Open With' followed by FoxIt from the context menu - this does work. Less convenient than a double-click, though. Since I initiated this thread I have seen what looks to me like the same PDF interface in other software products and on the web. So I think that it must be a software widget. However, it seems that very little thought has been given to interfacing it conveniently with Evernote and there are bugs - for example, regarding pasting a number of PDFs into a note as a single operation. This doesn't always result in all of them being pasted. Further, the order in which they appear is strange and is not what it used to be! The other big issue for me is that it has changed my whole way of working with Evernote to the extent that I may not ever have chosen it as my software tool. Or I may have done things differently. As it is, over the course of several years I have built up a database and a way of working that has now been crippled.
  2. Further to what I wrote above ....... I would like to suggest that there has been a lack of forethought and/or testing of this new style of handling PDFs. Via the right-click context menu, it is possible to reduce a PDF to an icon (see it as an attachment) and then double-clicking it brings it up in your default PDF reader (mine is Foxit). However, each PDF has to be individually set as an attachment since I can't find a way to set the whole note to 'attachment mode'. [Actually, I wouldn't want to do this anyway!] On the context menu there is an item 'Open PDF in Foxit' but it doesn't work! It just opens my browser to a Foxit website! Previously I used to select a number of PDFs (Ctrl-c) and paste them into a note. They would then appear in a predictable order. Now the order is unpredictable and not all of them get pasted! C'mon guys, let's revert to the old system!
  3. The visual aspect of a PDF placed in a note has changed in the latest version ( - much for the worse in my opinion! I now see less of the PDF on the screen owing to a charcoal border, and I have to independently scroll the PDF itself instead of the (entire) note. This is even more cumbersome when there is more than one PDF in the note (I typically use 1-page PDFs). There are also buttons that really are not necessary and could have their functionality less obtrusively provided with a right-click context menu. But the worst things of all are that: 1) I can no longer double-click on a PDF in a note to open it (independently) in my PDF reader! In previous versions this has been possible. I do see a button for downloading the PDF and saving it in the file system, but this manoeuvre is way too cumbersome and time-consuming if I just want to read the PDF in the most flexible way possible (e.g. in Adobe Reader). I would also have to be cleaning up the file system all the time. 2) I am unable to remove a PDF from a note! So I have to delete the note, re-create it and add all the PDFs except the one I wished to remove! Please can we turn the clock back. It was fine before but it is broken now.
  4. I typically paste several PDFs into a note and later I sometimes remove one or more and add others. However, in version I can't delete a PDF from a note! I have to delete the note itself and start again from scratch, which is not at all convenient. As an aside, I really don't like the way the PDFs are now displayed, with black shaded borders and with menus and buttons. I plead for the borders and menus to be removed. All items that are thought to be contenders for a menu item could be accessed via a context menu (right click).
  5. Thank you all for your assuring replies! It is a good point that the master copy in reality is on the Evernote servers - not on the machine that I use most of the time even though I intuitively regard that as the master copy! This local one is nevertheless the most up-to-date copy until it syncs. The deep reason for my posting is ransomware. If my machine gets attacked and all my local files are encrypted then I fear that the Evernote servers will sync the encrypted data. Previously I had thought of the Evernote servers as a substitute for a true backup but now I fear that they are not. Nor are other (partially) synced machines backups unless they are kept off-line from the Evernote servers (except for regular on-line syncs). I appreciate that the Export functions are more flexible than a raw database backup if there is a need to recover individual data items but appropriately timed backing up of the EXB file seems to me to serve the purpose of disaster protection as long as this backup is then stored off-line or behind a security challenge. Actually the ransomware issue frightens the life out of me because it potentially applies to all cloud services, doesn't it? Please somebody tell me I'm wrong!
  6. I am currently using version I have a couple of issues. In the directory c:\users\<user-name>\Evernote I can see a sub-directory named AutoUpdate that has numerous .EXE files that are taking up over 1 GB of space. The latest file (Evernote_5.8.12.8127.exe) is dated 01/07/2015. There are also two small files - an .XML and an .HTML. Can I safely free up some space by deleting all the .exe files? (What are .EXE files doing in my user directory!?). In spite of the fact that there is a copy on the Evernote servers, I would like to make a backup of the local database. Is the directory c:\users\<user-name>\Evernote sufficient? And if I were to copy this backup to another machine, would it be sufficient for me to be able to read the database off-line (using the Evernote application, of course)? Presumably, the directory c:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote contains only installed files that are not user-specific in any way?
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