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  1. It's expensive but my personal favorite is the HP Scanjet Enterprise 8500 fn1 (Digital Flow) system. It's got a huge touchscreen and a real hardware keyboard that slides out to add titles and description at the scan entry point. It creates searchable PDF's by itself, it does crop and clean by itself, it can cc them to an email address that I use as a second backup to evernote, it scans duplex from the ADF or the flatbed easily, it does job build if desired, job page split to file if desired... Pretty much anything you can think of doing it will do. Fax via an internet fax service, scan to Sharepoint/OneDrive Business, scan to SMB/FTP. It supports all sorts of security and encryption features as well. The automated use workflow is Press Quick Sets Button on Home screen Select a named quickset like Evernote Bank Statements Press Start Done The semi-automated use workflow is Press Quick Sets Button on Home Screen Select a named quickset like Scrapbook will take you to a screen where you can tap once on the subject line and edit it with the keyboard, and also can edit email message body if desired. Press Start Done It works 100% without a computer involved in the workflow at all and lets you choose the notebook and/or enter the metadata if desired all in one shot. You may need a bit of IT experience to configure it but it's worth it. Look for a used one on eBay but it'll cost you as much as a fujitsu plus a PC to run it.
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