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  1. Yeah tried a similar route using the 'let's print droid' app. But best result thus far using the NixNote2 application. Silly but true.
  2. Thanks. Didn't think about that... unfortunate the Android app has no printing or share to printer capabilities...
  3. As a business/group admin bumped this post up at support again.... Since recently the images stopped printing as well :-( (windows7) A workaround for printing seems to be to print from the webinterface (Chrome-windows) which renders at least the underline and images correctly. However italics does not show up at all...
  4. Even now in Evernote version 6 (v6.0..6.1769(301769 public)) on Windows the printing issue exists. I especially am irritated about the italics that prints truncated. I used Tahoma or TimesNewRoman but doesn't make any difference. Only mono spaced fonts look ok. Bold and normal face are NOT correctly aligned vertically for some fonts (times new roman) I also noticed some font truncation in REGULAR styling (see the m's in genome and assembler) (tahoma font) (capital T in TimesNewRoman) This is irrespective of printing to a pdf printer or our department printer. See example attached.
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