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  1. The shortcuts are fine unless they override system shortcuts. I hate it when the program does it because I use also other languages. For example there is shortcut to undo but it is build that way that this particular shortcut somehow overrides system shortcuts: right Alt + Z and right Alt + shift + Z. It did not happen in Chrome browser version until beta. But it happens in some programs that having ctrl+Z or ctrl+alt+z or any similar shortcuts overrides Right Alt shortcuts that are used for different non-English characters. However until beta it worked fine so what change in the code made the problem with shortcuts?
  2. Evernote is probably the only app used by me that has white paper. I like Evernote but hate the background. Light yellow (best for learning), light grayish paper or dark theme is what I prefer. Too much of one color and it is hard to find quickly enough what I need.
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