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  1. Thanks Matt for replying. I couldn't find any trace of it in the sections you mention. Could not even find the sections t b h. On my desktop application though, I did find the Trash section but unfortunately it was empty. Maybe I should point out that I'm running the Basic version, and also that the application did not shut down automatically in my case. Please let me know if you have any further suggestions or ideas!
  2. Wondered if there is any way to retrieve text notes that disappeared after saving? This is how it went down: I did hit the save button (check mark) after writing my text entry -> went back to overview that displays the latest entrys -> updated the overview -> got timed out -> forced the app shut -> restarted and it was gone. Where did it go? I was on 4G mobile internet connection at the time which could be unstable, but surely there must be a local temp-file on my device if that happens? I did check the "com.evernote" folder and found it empty (not updated
  3. Agree with kitezh. Not good enough on an Android device. Hit the save button (check mark) after writing a text entry, went back to overview and updated preview, and gone.. Where did it go? HTC One Andriod version 5.0.2
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