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  1. I understand that you're "aware of the growing demand." So what? Are there plans? A timeline? Will you actually integrate Evernote with Inbox, or will you simply remain "aware of the growing demand?" Think of it this way... You go into the doctor's office with an acute pain in your abdomen. You're worried about it, but your doctor only says, "Yes, I'm aware of your pain," and sends you off without the usual couple of aspirin. Or, your car mechanic says, "Yes, I'm aware that your transmission is locked up," hands you a bill, and tells you in no uncertain terms to go away. Here's a response that would win the hearts of your paying customers: "Yes, we're fully aware of the demand and have therefore added this to our development schedule. We are currently scheduled for a June 15, 2016 release of full support for Inbox by Gmail." Thank you for the more detailed response we are about to receive.
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