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  1. My web clipper has become unusable. Whenever I load it (latest version of osx and safari) it starts using like 9-12GB of memory and locks up safari with 2min+ page loads. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggested fixes? I have reinstalled it twice.
  2. From research, it seems like Microsoft OneNote is really the only way to go. The problem it seems, if you are a Mac user, there is no easy way to migrate your existing Evernote notes (there is an easy way to do it if you are a PC user however). I think I will switch to OneNote for a while without migrating any older stuff. If I wind up liking it after a few weeks, I will jump on my wife's PC and waste a few hours moving everything over.
  3. In concept, I love Evernote. I use it a lot. I am a paid user as well. However, I have so many problems with it. I use complicated programs every day.. Whether it is the Adobe Creative Suite. Music creation applications, web development apps...and, by and large, they are bug-free and give me almost no problems or frustration. It seems like Evernote should not be that complicated of a product, yet it "breaks" in some way so often. It can be working for months just fine, but then all of a sudden, with no changes in terms of operation system updates, web client updates, evernote updates...something will just stop working as intended for NO reason - something like all of a sudden, everytime you try to use the web clipper I am forced to log in again...or web clipped just hanging every time I try to use it for no reason. Frustrated, I turn to your forums, where I get slow service with inane steps and questions that do nothing to help...then two weeks later the problem just goes away and everything is back to normal (even though I changed nothing). This has happened to me so many times over the years, that I am over it. Today I begin my search for a suitable replacement to Evernote. It may not be as good or have exactly the same feature set, but it will likely be way more dependable. Your product is still just too buggy for me to reliably use it as a part of my daily workflow. It is too bad, but blame your engineering staff.
  4. Enable Allow JavaScript from Apple Events in the Develop menu. didn't do the trick...
  5. This week I updated my OS X to 10.11.5 and my web clipper for Safari has stopped working. When I try to clip, I get the log in dialogue. I put in my correct credentials and when I click login, nothing at all happens. Additionally, the dialogue box itself is cropped in an odd way (see attached screen shot). I have uninstalled the clipped and re-installed both from apple extension gallery and direct from ever note's site multiple times to no avail. If anyone has help, it would be greatly appreciated as I use Evernote A LOT and I am pretty frustrated at the moment.
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