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  1. I'm an OG Evernote users and evangelist (I was subscriber number 800-something) so I've been using it personally daily nearly since its inception, and recommended it to dozens of clients. I've also bought a few premium accounts and implemented it as a mission-critical tool in our family business, used to gather and organize incoming orders, invoices, and all paperwork. We scan all incoming papers into it for processing; we route all incoming faxes and orders to it. We have a whole system for Accounts Payable set up around evernote. Each of our databases is in the 30-50gb range, with many thous
  2. We are having the same issue as the original poster, and we have the same request: please make it search ALL notes by default, not the last notebook, as that is the most common need. Or at least offer an option so it can be changed without delving into the registry. It's a headache to change this on every computer our account is synched to, and you also have to have admin privileges which adds yet another layer of pain-in-the-assedness. Thank you!
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