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  1. @Dave-in-Decatur Wow that's weird. Anyway, the update really did bring a lot of important improvements (to those of us to whom it works). Not only to the editor but in viewing mode too.
  2. Hi, I heavily rely on the "Direct pen input" feature on my Note 4. It's basically let's the users write on screen and converts the handwriting to text in real time. Like this: http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5188700fe4b091a1ff87c3d3/t/54e39843e4b0b87a7419d3cc/1424201798399/ Together with Evernote it makes a wonderful note taking combo, esp. for lecture notes. 7.8.2 update broke this. When I hover the S-Pen on the note area, I can't see the "blue T", starting the direct pen input feature. I can still use it on the note title though. Any ideas how to get it back? Or, could you, please, fix it in a next version? Thanks, Tadeas
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