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  1. I was excited to see that Android was getting iOS's great automatic scanning functionality with the new update. Unfortunately, the Android version of the app is only taking extremely low quality photos for scanning. I would love to be able use better quality images for my scans. Android automatic mode (Samsung Galaxy Note 5): When scanned using my iPad, it looks much nicer(iPad mini retina): I've tried scanning about 30 things with Evernote on my Android device, but most of them are unreadable and fairly ugly, far worse than the scans that come from my iPad. Anything with color text is completely unreadable, even when I choose "save as color document" in the Evernote camera app. The Android device I'm using is a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which has a very nice camera on it (much nicer than the camera on the iPad that I used in this test), but it seems that the Evernote app captures a very poor quality image for scanning. Disabling "multi shot" in the Evernote settings gives a much higher quality image, but then you lose all of the nice scanning functionality that Evernote has built-in to its camera app. I would love an option to increase the resolution on my camera captures, or any other option to get better looking scans out of my Android device.
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