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  1. Is there a way I tag a note and have another tag automatically pinned to the note? For example, If I tag a note "German Shepherd" can I set evernote to automatically tag "canine" to the note? If A then B (of course, not necessarily If B then A). Thanks
  2. Is there anyway to right click a note (or otherwise) and duplicate an exisiting note more than oncein one go? such that if I want 5 copies I don't need to perform this feature 5 times? Similar to when you're printing a document? Using windows desktop , have access to android and ipad ios Thanks
  3. @csihilling @DTLow Thanks. Its an all around PITA that I can't get evernote to do something that is a seemingly simple request. g
  4. Hello DTLow, I didn't actually use AND and OR in the syntax, I simply entered the tag name in the search box and selected the appropriate tag from a dropdown box and then typed "-tag:archive" to supplement the search. If you look at the language starting with "Viewing XXXX notes in....." Evernote generates my search parameters and appears that its attempting to perform my request with an unexpected outcome.
  5. I've been trying to aggregate notes with EITHER "week20" or "week21" and I get the expected result (1st image). Every note has either a "week20" or "week21" tag. However when I search EITHER (ANY) "week20" or "week21" AND -tag:archive I get an unexpected result (image). None of parameters in image 2 follow any of my search queries. Am I doing this incorrectly? or am I asking evernote to do something it cannot?
  6. Please bring back the All Tags view Please allow us to change the font size of the app (i.e. toolbar, tags, notebooks) - its the only app I have that I need to bring my face to the screen to see words. Please allow a date tag that we don't need to create - once you've converted to thinking in tags, it just helps to have another. I would love to have some analytics of the tags within evernote. I would love to see tag heat maps, tag heat maps for the day, for the week etc; just to track activity. Thanks for listening
  7. Since the evernote update, I can't figure out how to view my tags similar to the screenshot below from the Evernote "How to" page. How do I get a similar view? I used to be able to click on "Tags" and this view would be generated.
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